Legal Aid

We have a Legal Aid franchise in family law. This means our solicitors have the authority to grant emergency legal aid for certain areas of law.

Whether you qualify for legal aid depends firstly on the nature of your case and secondly on your financial situation – please click here to request a free consultation with us. If the nature of your case qualifies for legal aid you will then be required to provide evidence of all your finances. In the first instance a discussion with one of our caseworkers on the telephone may provide an indication and if it seems you may be eligible at that stage you will need to provide full documentary financial disclosure to confirm eligibility.


At EcoM, we assessed each legal aid application on a case-by-case basis, and in order to qualify you will need to meet a series of key criteria. To be eligible, there are a series of important factors that needs to be taken into consideration, most importantly both the type of case and your own financial circumstances.

For cases involving care proceedings, there is no means and merit test as such legal aid is automatic, but in all other instances, a means and merit test will be applicable and there will be requirement to provide supporting evidence.

Legal aid does not always cover all your costs. On some occasions, you may be required to pay some of the costs back or pay them upfront, however access to legal aid is still sure to help ease the financial burden.

To obtain further information on the law relating to your family law case please, contact us for an informal chat on 0203 417 2112.