Family Mediation Services

We understand that difficulties that may arise from family disputes. Here at EcoM Solicitors, we offer family mediation services to help our clients manage their disputes amicably.


Engaging in family mediation is voluntary and a major benefit of family mediation is having the full authority to make a mutual decision.


Through our family mediation services, we support conflicting family members to part their ways on satisfactory terms, to maintain a healthy relationship that by necessity or otherwise will continue in the future. Family mediation services are completely confidential and non-judgemental and do not force you to agree to a decision unless you are completely satisfied.


Family Business Disputes

The downfall of the family business and disagreements over trusts and inheritance can lead to some of the most destructive family conflicts. Under such circumstances, our expert family mediators can effectively use their skills to manage the emotional breakdowns, broken relationships and associated complications of family disputes.


We charge a fixed fee of £120.00 per person for a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) which may last for a maximum period of sixty minutes. In the event where mediation is considered suitable following a MIAM and the clients voluntarily agree to proceed to mediation, we will charge a fixed fee of £180.00 per person for each session. Each mediation session may last for up to a maximum period of ninety minutes. All fees stated above are exclusive of VAT.


For further information on family mediation.

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